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Hotwife Diary: Perhaps you've seen her at the clubs on a Friday night. She's a beautiful woman, mature, in control, and dressed to kill. You notice that her flirting has made her the center of attention and she is completely un-intimidated by the group of guys who are taking a strong interest in her...and then you notice...the wedding ring!
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Hotwife Diary presents a open mided view of the hotwife lifestyle from the hotwives themselves! This area Hotwife Diary is dedicated to bringing you sexual tips from the hotwives themselves! Keep checking back as we will be exploring other aspects of this lifestyle and others. For further discussions and other recommended hotwife sites please click the tabs above and feel free to browse through our links page!

Hotwife Diary Brings You: Hotwife Tips!
By Brandi Love

What’s been humbling for me is your responses to my Hotwife site Brandi Love dot com! I wasn’t always so confident giving a blowjob. The first time I attempted sucking cock I was upset and partner was yelling, “Ouch!” Not good LOL! . As is always the case, practice and patient partners and dedicating my site to the Hotwife allowed me to perfect my skills! I say Hotwife because that’s what I am and what my site is..I’m just a regular wife, mother and hotwife from the USA who has become addicted to giving head! I Love it!

Kisses - Brandi Love

Hotwife Tip #1 – Brandi Love

The best way to explain a good blowjob is to break it down into steps.

Your hand is a fabulous tool during a blow job. Starting with a hand job is a great lead in to oral sex. You never want to make a tight, clenched fist when holding and stroking his cock. Instead, you want to make an “O” shape with your hand around his penis. Again, never grabbing tightly, but loosely grasping. Slowly stoke his cock, moving your hand from the shaft of the penis to the tip...mmmm yummy!

Hotwife Tip #2 – Sinamon Lane

Using your hand is helpful for two reasons: it is a good start to a blow job and if for some reason you are unable to swallow his cock, you can sort of “fake it” by using your mouth on the tip of the penis and using your hand along the there’s a true Hotwife tip for ya LOL!

Hotwife Tip #3 – Brandi Love

When you are finally ready to take his yummy cock into your warm mouth remember No Teeth! Teeth = Hotwife and while I will always be an amateur I don’t ever want my skills referred to as amateur (wink).

Hotwife Tip #4 – Sinamon Lane

Ok last Hotwife for the day..but check back often as I’ll be adding more Hotwife tips!....Do not try and take his entire cock in your mouth at once—that is unless you know you do not have any sort of gag reflex. Take a little at a time, sucking and massaging his dick with your tongue. When you are ready, go down a bit further. After a will be able to suck on his cock while massaging and caressing his cock with your tongue...Oh yeah!

Here are some Hotwife pictures from my site! Hope you enjoy and visit me at My Hotwife Site!

Brandi Love


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